Saturday, August 28, 2010

Final Friday with the InkTank and

Yesterday, I read some of my poetry at InkTank, an organization in Cincinnati I've been getting more involved with lately.  InkTank is concerned with matters of the community and the arts, and in celebration of Final Friday, Lisa Howe, the new director, set up a reading of work by the participants of the InkTank writer's salon which happens there every other week.  I had a blast.  Plus, there was good food, and lots of talk with writers of prose, poetry, and other kinds of writing.

I actually brought my camera, but forgot to use it.  I'm a miserable blogger sometimes.

One of my favorite moments of the night, though, involved Julie Stockman reading a moving blog entry from a blog she contributes to called CincyVoices.  Well, it was technically a blog entry, but I'd probably call it a memoir if she had not stated it as such.  Julie walked me around the Final Friday event and shared an impressive knowledge (and love) of Over-The-Rhine and Cincinnati in general.  Check out the site, especially if you live in or around Cincinnati; it's absolutely fantastic.

I'd also like to commend Julie's involvement in Price Hill's Cultural Heritage Festival.  I'm pretty damn upset I wasn't able to make it today.

And speaking of that...  This is a formal announcement of thus-far-failure of Vizionheiry's tips for working from home.  They are excellent tips; I plan on trying them again next week.  But it's good to face the facts, sometimes, and the facts are, I didn't do too well at managing my time this week.  Which leaves me with a very narrow amount of time to do this blog, and then the rest of the day spent working.  More updates as they come as to whether I am able to balance all this mess.


  1. Bless your heart, Keith. From different ages and the same human spirit, we both struggle with the juggle of life. Thanks for the update on InkTank. Let's make a renewed effort at creative effectiveness this week. I'll check in on Saturday next if you will.

  2. That sounds like a plan, and don't think that I have forgotten about my audio equipment blog. But at least, now, you can see what's taking so long. Inability, in the past at least, of prioritizing, and then running out of time in the week to get anything done.