Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Running Word

The first post.  So I'm sure introductions are in order.  My name's Keith Wilson, I'm a Kentucky based out of Northern Kentucky, and a recent addition to the Affrilachian Poets, as well as a constant perfomer at The Running Word located in the Bean Haus coffee house (640 Main Street Covington, KY 41011).  And as a recent college graduate and writer, I'm also unemployed.

So The Running Word.  My good friend Sam Phillips started it, and through it, I've grown as an artist--I've learned what I even think it is I'm doing up there on stage in the first place.  It gives me an tangible audience, a place to temper my presentation ability, and a community I can visit just by driving up I-75.

And tomorrow is our one year anniversary.  Sam, you kick it the way no one I know kicks it, and I'm sure you know it.  I gotta work on something for the big day, strange as it is to be nervous at the one place where I can read and feel completely at home.