Friday, February 19, 2010

From podium to grind

Back from a gig in at Macon State College in Georgia. I went with Ricardo and Bianca, and it was very much what I didn't know that I needed. A little like living alone in a cave, enshrouded by darkness, and then having someone enter with a flashlight. I was fine, before, but now reminded of the light.

The reading itself went well. I wish I could go on a tour again like last year, because I definitely see a change in the whole process. In my choice of what to read, in the responses I get from the audience, in my performance itself.

We talked, as we drove, about all sorts of things, but two important things as they pertain to this blog were our discussion of Blackbone, which is approaching its inception, and Ricardo and Bianca's urging that I create a vita of all the places I have read, which I did today, on my day off.

And speaking of having a day off, the disappointment of having to return to a menial job that has absolutely nothing to do with my field is sort of crushing. I mean, I'm not depressed at work, or even leading up to it (not so when I worked at White Castle) but there is the distinct knell of missed opportunities ringing at all times.

It is time to redouble my efforts on getting a new job. Not necessarily a job I will love (I'll be in grad school before to long) but at least a job that will afford me the money I need to pay the bills, save money, and apply to writing contests.

Hook me up if you know of anything in the Cincinnati area. haha.

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  1. aww - don'tk now anybody/thing in cincinatti but congrats on grad school!