Monday, February 1, 2010

The World is Round

I've got some big things coming up; hope that I have both the energy and the forethought to blog about them as they show up. Blackbone (have I mentioned Blackbone yet? It's an in-the-works publishing group being planned up and created by Bianca Spriggs, Ricardo Nazari-Colon, and myself) is about to go read on a mini-road trip, among other things.

But no matter how busy I've been, I refuse to cut either writing or reading from my schedule. So I've read quite a few books of poetry, even since the last review. This won't, however, be a review as such, just a recommendation:

Go out and buy The World is Round, by Nikky Finny. Right now.

It's a little bit heavier than some of the rest of my recent fair, but as I was telling Bianca, I think, Nikky has an almost prose sensibility with her revelations; there is a certain command of what is being revealed to you that refuses to allow you to be lost (and let's face it, poetry is often about getting lost) for too long, or at least, in such a hopeless state that no part of you wishes to spend the time to find your way back.

I'd read this book again just for the exhilarating joy of it, but I feel like there's so much to learn about writing (and story telling) as well.

It's officially one of my 'text books.'


  1. Where have you been!?!?!

    Nikki Finey is definitely prose-heavy.

    Gotta read more. Gotta write more. Gotta get organized.

    Blackbone, me likes the title.

  2. Yeah, Blackbone sounds very interesting. I'd like to hear more about what yall are doing.

    I may have to read the book you suggested.

  3. Vizionheiry; a part of me wanted to explain where I've been in the blog, but I also am trying to avoid every new blog post being 50% about why I haven't been blogging, ya know? haha. But it's been mostly working. And tons and tons of reading and writing. I am hitting the books hard.

    JayTee, you absolutely MUST read her. First, because I know from reading your influences (or books you liked, or something... I can't recall exactly) that we have similar tastes in literature. Second, because I think her themes will reach out to you more (sisterhood, for instance, is something that is a little more vague for someone who is neither a woman, nor ever had a sister. haha). Seriously, at least try to see if you can get a copy from the library or something. :P