Monday, October 18, 2010

For Colored Girls book discussion at Evelyn N. Alfred's blog

I won't lie; I love book discussions.  I would participate in them all the time if I could find one that read things other than best sellers or summer (that is, easy) reads.  So I jumped at the chance to participate in the book discussion Evelyn N. Alfred is leading at her blog and Twitter account.

Okay, jump is the wrong word, since I ended up 10 days behind.  But I went out and bought the book for the discussion (tip:  it's not in the poetry section, it's in the theatre section).  Anyway, now I'm caught up, loving the book, and loving that someone's tackling poetry in book discussion.

Keep an eye on Evelyn's blog; she does stuff like this all the time.  I think I've linked to her before, but this merits a second mention.  Please join the discussion.

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