Thursday, March 11, 2010

First day of Split This Rock

I know that I said that I'd go into much more detail about my role in Split This Rock today, but first, I'm not sure that there IS much more to say; I'm going to be reading as a part of a festival which was born out of, I think, a feeling of despair during the Bush administration and which still feels a certain sense of loss at the continuing war. In any case, I'm not sure how political I want to get when it's my turn to read, but tonight's not the night for that. I am far too tired.

I spent the day running about the Metro and D.C. in general with Regan and her sister, who are half accompanying me, and half having their own vacation (they don't do the poetry specific things). We spent a lot of the day at the zoo. It's been forever since I've been to any zoo, so it was fun. We also visited China Town, and Busboys and Poets for me to pick up my registration information. I was totally excited, and the venue itself was awesome. It had a giant wall of books (the old fashioned kind with the rolling ladders), a cafe, a bar, and a stage. The kind of place I'd love to hang out around, if I lived in the area.

When 8 o' clock rolled around, and we went or separate ways. I went to the first official performance of the festival. Long story short, after hearing them read, I bought Cornelius Eady's "You Don't Miss Your Water," and Andrea Gibson's "Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns." Got them both signed. And spent a lot of money I shouldn't be spending.

Two small notes, however. First, I am glad to have finally met Cornelius, even if it was only for a moment. Many of the Affrilachian Poets are Cave Canem fellows, so they speak highly of him, and often. Second, Andrea Gibson's book is a Write Bloody book, at least the second, or possibly third, book by that publisher which I have read. Just a strange coincidence, although I KNOW I have heard her perform before, though I've never seen her. I think from one of the poetry journals I read online.

Anyway, I have some reading to finish before I go to sleep for a few hours before I get out there and attend some workshops. I foresee some serious tiredness.

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