Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Affrilachian Poets hit Frostburg State University Part I of III

The Affrilachian Poets performed at Marlyand's Frostburg State University for their Appalachian Festival this Saturday.  Bianca Spriggs, Norman Jordan, Ricardo Nizaro-Colon, Mitchell L. H. Douglas, Ricardo Nazario-Colón, Crystal Good, and I were in attendance.

I'll refrain from speaking about it, and instead give you some of our performances.  Without ado:

Norman Jordan performing "Hometown Boy."

Keith S. Wilson performing "Those First Last Days in Kentucky."

I haven't read that poem in quite some time.  Not, I think, since during the tour that really started this blog.  Anyway, more videos upcoming.


  1. I love how you stay promoting others. Woo hoo! You can start a videos page to your website.

    That's a unique entry point to Daniel Boone. I never knew about James Boones, his son that was tortured.


    "bullet bones and brown skin
    sinful creatures the ______ things"

    What is that word before things? I love this couplet of tight alliteration and rhyme.

  2. Based entirely on my partial memorization of this piece, I believe it's wailing.

    I normally try to stay neutral about my pieces, but this one was also the start of me coming to terms with my own writing. Alliteration and internal rhyme are part, I think, of my style

  3. Really, if you come to Maryland, you should say something. Geepers.


  4. Sorry! But I WAS only there for a second where I wasn't reading or asleep.