Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 poems in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

I'm making more of an effort, from now on, of letting people know where they can read my poetry.  Four of my poems are in last month's issue of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature:


  1. Rabbit Hash, KY

    "and how much better
    politics are when they’re run by the good sorts of animals."

    Yes! Though I hate dogs, it would be interesting to have a Collie as a mayor. It took my imagination on a ride.


    aww - all women love pork chops (if they eat them that is) and a man to fry them.

    I lol'd because I wrap my meet in Glad's new wrap or put my leftovers in Ziploc 3 partioned containers.

    I need to hear If We Could Depress Diamonds. I'm slow. Not getting it.

    I like the Yellow Woods/Covington Trees conceit.

  2. came back to say - YAY for getting published!

  3. Thanks for all the comments!

    As for If We Could Decompress Diamonds... I'm not sure exactly what would help (the main problem with writing is that as a writer, it ALWAYS makes sense to you, but it may not to readers. haha) But it may help to know why I wrote it.

    I read an article about the fact that George Washington had a set of dentures made out of human teeth, and that dentures back then made from teeth were pulled from slaves mouths. I imagined what it was like for a man who 'needed' teeth for his job (speaking, and in many ways, looking the part) to get those from slaves. There is always that correlation between western culture which directed and controlled power and the cultures forced to supply it. And of course, the truth that as president, Washington would have not been there during extraction, but instead waited for his prize.

    Of course, how much of all that appears in the poem is my test as a poet, but that's my frame of mind in writing it.

  4. Yes yes I get it now! I do remember this strange occurence that slave owners used the teeth of enslaved people as dentures.

    brilliant title now that I get it!